Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Spot 10 Differences - Roric Wyrmbane - RAID Shadow Legends

I created this Spot 10 Differences puzzle in the honor of RAID's Roric Wyrmbane - the current ongoing champion fusion.

I made it difficult to make it challenging for you. It is always hard to get the balance right because there are so many different RAID players. Some solve the puzzles very quickly while others struggle so it is hard to please everyone. I did my best - hopefully you will enjoy.

Feel free to post in the comments below if you managed to solve this Roric Wyrmbane puzzle.

And best of luck to you with the ongoing fusion. If you need any support with it please refer to this blog post where you can find fusion calendar and info from different content creators.

Finally, as you probably know, you can click on this, or any other, picture in my RAID Shadow Legends blog to see it bigger - this helps especially with puzzles like this.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Benefits of Wearing Candles on and Around your Helmet - RAID Shadow Legends

This is just some RAID Shadow Legends fun by me: Benefits of wearing candles on and around your helmet:

  • Having your hands free to fight when exploring dark caves.
  • When you meet a scary monster and start running away, they automatically blow out making it dark so the monster cannot see you.
  • Ability to start a fire anywhere without a hand drill / fire sticks.
  • They keep you warmer when temperatures are low.
  • Warm up herb tea or soup when waiting in an ambush.
  • Lastly, automatically bypass job applicants when trying to get a job at Plarium.

Sometimes, in RAID Shadow Legends, you just have to make fun of things :)

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Best ways of beating Bommal the Dreadhorn

From all the different posts I have read about beating Bommal the Dreadhorn in RAID Doom Tower, I have chosen 3 very good ones to share with you here:

Team 1: Full Auto Stage 90 Hard Bommal No Legendaries or Dupes

This is a great team combination by MurderInc with relatively accessible champions compared to other teams proposed by other people. 

Much weaker versions of this team and/or replacement champions could be used for lower Dreadhorn levels, but the higher you go the more insane this boss becomes so significantly more effort is required.

Here are the stats he posted:

  • Doompriest - 77k hp 3.1k def 224 speed / Regen set
  • Sinesha - 62.9k hp 2.9k def 203 speed / Regen set
  • Vrask - 95k hp 1.7k def 225 speed / Regen set
  • Vogoth - 98k hp 2.9k def 191 speed / 3x Immortal set
  • Master Butcher - 93k hp 2.4k def 196 speed / Regen set
  • Full auto from the start disable doompriest a2, vogoth a2, vrask a2, master butcher a2 in preset ai.
  • 24/24 wins but its not 100% win rate I can tell by the fight there are 2 fail conditions. Most likely 90%+ success rate.

Video Guide:

Team 2: Update: a 2nd team from MurderInc

This is again a full auto team without any Legendary champions. It is a variation of his first post.

Comments and Instructions:

  • Magnarr - 95k hp 2.3k def 198 speed 85% CR 182 CD / Immortal x3 or Regen
  • Vrask - 90k hp 2.3k def 190 speed 85% CR / Regen
  • Doompriest - 85k hp 3.5k def 228 speed / Speed + Immortal x2
  • Godseeker Aniri - 80k hp 2.8k def 192 speed / Regen
  • Vogoth - 95k hp 3.1k def 192 speed / Regen
  • Winrate - 70% Fail Condition = Crit rate buff place on doompriest and her spreading it to whole team. Debuffs placed by Vogoth/Magnarr. 3 Crits in a row on Godseeker + 2 bombs.
  • No resistance on anyone. If you replace Magnarr with a non buff healer/reviver or another vogoth/master butcher this will be 100% win rate but slow (11-13 minutes). This team was made to lower the amount of Regen gear needed from the last team. Godseeker Aniri is the game changer in this team as she buffs 'all' sources of healing including gear set bonuses. Magnarr works because of his self healing from the hp burn debuff.
  • Types of Champions you can swap Magnarr for : Vogoth/Master Butcher/Vrask/Maulie/Siphi (a2 off)/Doompriest/Sinesha/Lugan/Painkeeper/Raglin/Minaya/Bergoth/Aox and any other raw healing or revive champion with no buffs or buffs you can switch off with AI.
  • Ai Instructions: Turn off Vrask a2 Doompriest a2 Vogoth a2 and IMPORTANT >>> Set Godseeker a2 as 1st Priority.

Team 3: a team combination by Soda Dragon Gaming

This is a totally different concept team where you strangely want to have as many bombs as possible!

The whole point here is that the Vogoths heal everyone on the bomb damage with support of Vrask and Visix's job is to reduce the Turn Meter as often as possible to spawn more bombs so the team can heal as fast as possible protecting against the boss himself.

Here is the link to his video where he explains it:

Lastly: about Samar

It is also possible to win against Bommal the Dreadhorn with Samar. The reason I am mentioning this at the end is because the champions prepared for the above teams are actually also useful in other parts of the game while Samar was "defined" as a useless champion and only became viable for Bommal due to Plarium's horrible implementation.

While there are people to prepare Samar for only this purpose it is widely acknowledged that he is useless elsewhere in the game and that's why I posted the above teams first. But for the record here is a build with Samar by investoreba1.

Please note when people say "solo Samar" they mean that the main champion is Samar but you do need a weaker supporting team for the Leadership bonus and for champions to die to get bonus from Masteries.

In the below team:

  • Fu-shan is unequipped. He is only there for the Leader Aura.
  • Gemcursed stats and sets are: Immortal, regen. 238 speed, 77k hp, 3450 Def
  • skills: Warmaster and support tree for heals. Only use a1 and lock other skill

Friday, September 10, 2021

UNM Clan Boss 69.93m damage vs 70.27m needed

I have been improving my champions from the untuned team I reported on previously and instead of Nightmare Clan Boss I have been doing Ultra-Nightmare Clan Boss. It was taking 4 keys a day to get the top chest, which was challenging timing-wise since I cannot miss any key.

Today I thought I might manage it in 3 keys but alas I scored 69.93M damage as you can see from the screenshot below. This is so close to the chest requirement of 70.27M damage! I almost did it in 3 keys :)


Did you have a similar case like this where you were just a tiny little bit less than required?

I am not mad or anything, I should still improve a lot as there is also the RNG and different Affinities so a lot has to improve before I can comfortably go over 70M with less keys.

I also hope I managed to pull from shards the champions I need to change from my untuned team to a speed-tuned team so I can do 2 key UNM or even 1 key.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Guaranteed Champion Summon Events Analysis - RAID Shadow Legends

I prepared an analysis chart to share with you regarding guaranteed champion summons in RAID Shadow Legends.

You can see on the chart below multiple interesting pieces of information:

  • When the previous events happened.
    • Countess Lix - 150 Ancient Shards on 12-Mar-2021
    • Helior - 15 Sacred Shards on 18-Jun-2021
    • Ursala the Mourner - 15 Void Shards on 24-Jun-2021
    • Geomancer - 40 Ancient Shards on 27-Jul-2021
  • Which shards were required and how many of them.
  • Which rarity of champions were given.
  • How many days were in between events.
  • Estimate of when the next even could come.
    • I am estimating it to be roughly around 30th of September and then it would be a Legendary champion.

Monday, September 6, 2021

Roric Wyrmbane Fusion Guide by different Content Creators

Guides by different people for the Roric Wyrmbane fusion:

I will add more as I find them or if you find feel free to post in the comments. Update: already 4 different ones added, I think is enough :)

Guide by Coucouracha:

Link to DropBox download of the below table.

Fusion Guide by BGE

BGE usually does fusion guides, but I don't find it yet for Roric Wyrmbane, will add it as soon as I see it: Update: ready:

Fusion Planning Tool by Kansey-Koryi:

Link to Google Spreadsheet. 

Fusion Calendar HellHades:

They will probably update this page later, so adding it already now:

Champion Overviews:

Thursday, September 2, 2021

1 Key NM (46 mil) with UNTUNED Team, No shields, No counter-attack, No unkillable, No block damage, No increase defense, Full Auto, No Orders - default AI, Average/OK Equipment (some +12, few 4 star)

Today I achieved a comfortable (46 mil) 1 key Nightmare Clan Boss with my untuned Clan Boss Team. I posted previously (here) about achieving 40 mil 1 key NM but that was borderline and a less reliable team while today's achievement was very safe/comfortable and repeatable.

This team is:

  • Untuned
  • No counter-attack champion
  • There are no shields or increase defense or strengthen
  • There is no unkillable or block damage
  • It plays fully on Auto from beginning to the end (in this case Turn 51)
  • There are no special orders or priorities, everything is by default AI.
  • The equipment and/or stats of the champions are average. My Great Hall is very far from max so these kind of stats are poor compared to most Clan Boss videos. I still have a bunch of items at +12 enchantment and few items are 4 star, so there is definitely room for improvement.

Champion Roles

  • Deacon (leader) provides DEF down + Leech and his Aura increases speed for the team. He also manipulates Turn Meter a little bit. As leader and Spirit Affinity he takes the stun. In the spirit of untuned team it does not matter when he casts his skills. His Leech is reliable and his DEF down happens often enough.
  • Geomancer is the main damage dealer.
  • Apothecary is there just to increase Speed. I don't care about his healing since I have no idea when he will do it and on which champion. I would be happy to replace him if I find a better booster.
  • Aox's main purpose is to reduce Clan Boss's attack. He also supports with healing and random debuff extensions and random poisons. Sometimes he can add good damage if he gets lucky with his poisons.
  • Raglin, who was originally my leader to provide increased defense has now been demoted, so the team's defenses are only their own without his leader bonus. He heals based on his attack and he can revive 1 single champion fast. So if one dies it's usually OK, but if the team sometimes loses 2 or 3 from an AOE that's usually gave over. Sometimes Apo kills Raglin by healing the wrong champion so CB targets and kills Raglin. And Raglin also provides a completely random Turn Meter boost, which is why he is impossible to use in speed tuned teams, but in this messy team he is fine. Still, I am looking to replace him also as I only needed his leader bonus in the past.

The good things:

  • Since there is no speed tuning you can plug and play any champion at any time for trying out different things.
  • There is no special setup - just auto from start to finish.
  • None of the champions are required - all of them can be swapped with other champions as long as the basic ingredients remain the same (e.g. someone must do Attack Down on the boss, someone must increase speed and/or Turn Meter).
  • There are many champions which give random Turn Meters which are not possible to use in any Speed Tuning, so this type of strategy allows using all those champions.

 The bad things:

  • With untuned teams there is much bigger RNG so untuned teams are always less reliable or deliver a wider final damage number - sometimes much higher sometimes lower.
  • Although not in this team I want to mention since I learned this from the previous team I used: if you use a poisoner in an untuned team then the RNG could fill up the 10 debuff slots not letting your Attack-down champion to put ATK down on the Clan Boss which may result in an earlier loss. This is why I changed from the previous success I posted to this new team structure without Frozen Banshee.
  • In untuned teams there is also a higher probability of champions doing skills at the wrong time especially since it is surviving so many turns. For example if my Geomancer steals the Clan Boss's increase attack at the right time then there will be less danger for the team, but if he uses that skill before the boss buffs up then the team will take a lot of damage.

The main purpose

I am not making this post to recommend untuned teams, just to say that it is possible and if someone feels lazy or does not have time or does not want to learn speed tuning then they can still achieve 1 key NM without any great requirements.

I am working on my speed tuned team in parallel but so far my untuned team is significantly outperforming my tuned team. This is mostly because I don't have some important champions to make a big difference. In the long run I expect that my future speed tuned team will easily outperform my untuned team but who knows maybe it will not :)

Recorded short video of it

Not to waste your time, I recorded a short video just showing the last turns of the battle and the champions with their equipment / stats. You can check it on my RAID YouTube channel or here:

How does this same team perform on UNM Clan Boss?

Adding this Ultra-Nightmare Clan Boss reference in case someone is curious how this same untuned team performed in UNM:

Just finished a run against Magic Affinity with the same exact team and they did 23.4M damage (picture below). In my notes I had written 22-23 mil from previous runs so this run fell in line with my notes.

This is not bad at all. It makes a comfortable 4 key UNM and with some improvements may be 3 key UNM. However, UNM is a completely different beast with higher requirements.

RAID Fun / Humour - Incubus sacrifices himself (Love-is Series)

RAID Shadow Legends fun stuff / humour:
Love-is Series by COSMOS

Love is... a sacrifice to make her stronger and stronger. (Incubus).

Monday, August 30, 2021

Tips and info about BOMBS in RAID Shadow Legends

I gathered some info from my research about bombs in RAID Shadow Legends which I share with you here (thanks written at bottom):

Bombs have their own multipliers

Not all bombs are created equal. Souldrinker bombs for example do very little damage. Same for Shazar bombs although I still think Shazar might be decent because positive affinity and his A1 can actually hit really hard if you get a few debuffs to stick.

Bombs scale with the champions ATK, they do not profit from DEF down. The hardest hitting bombs to my knowledge are those of Astralith. She is positive affinity towards the boss, doesn't need Accuracy and boosts your Turn Meter. Still really doubting that just doubling the bomb damage will actually do enough. Someone like Turvold will probably still just out-damage any bomb champion you can field.

Bomb champions & multipliers in RAID

  • Champion: Astralith - bomb multiplier: 5 x ATK
  • Champion: War Mother - bomb multiplier: 4.25 x ATK 
  • Champion: Lord Shazar - bomb multiplier: 3.2 x ATK 
  • Champion: Galkut - bomb multiplier: 4 x ATK
  • Champion: Souldrinker - could not find info but people say it is low on both his active and passive bombs


Skratch made an interesting point. He said War Mother does 100% more damage to bosses now and no one uses her. So will 200% more damage be enough or will we still find it is more effective to just bring the nukers in? (he asked about 200% because the new bomb boss takes 100% more damage from bombs)

Nukers still more powerful than bombs

I think people are severely overestimating that bombs are going to be actually viable at all.

My Shazaar with 5.5k ATK + ATK-up does like 30k a bomb on a booked 4 turn CD if you include his A2 extra turn.

So 60k @ 200% is 180k on a 4 turn CD how is that any better than any other normal nuker?

Thanks to

yunghollow69, Superbalz77, ASH, ayumilove

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Tips on doing Clan Quests the cheapest possible way

Here are some tips for doing Clan Quests in RAID Shadow Legends in the cheapest way possible to help you preserve as much of your Energy as possible.

Clan Quest: Placing X Increase Defense (Version 1)

Place 50 or 100 Increase Defense in Tag Arena: this counts all champions so having 1 DEF+ champion in each of the 3 teams will give you 4 x 3 = 12 points for the quest per 1 battle.

Clan Quest: Crafting Epic or Legendary gear

Craft Epic or Legendary gear from Doom Tower bosses or other: can be done on a low Rank (3-4 stars) to make it cheapest. And of course don't waste any charms, just keep rolling until the needed gear appears.

Clan Quest: Placing X number of buffs/debuffs (Version 2)

(thanks kshoggi) Place 500 speedups or whatever: I used Apothecary 1 man team with heal 1st priority and speedup 2nd priority against an Arbiter 1 man team. Walk away for a half hour and then just manually fight to get the win. Got the defense one similarly with unequipped Sepulcher Sentinel + Apothecary and the shield one with Lodric + Apothecary.

Additional info: 

Sepulcher Sentinel is not required - just pick a defense-up champion from your vault that will stay alive without doing much damage.

The difference between auto prioritizing heal vs only healing when low encompasses a lot of 1-man defenses that survive the former but die to the latter. With 100% Crit-built Apothecary on manual you can save the heal until 25% hp while you smack her with giant slayer autos.

Personally, my Lodric is rank 5, does 0 damage, and only attacks like one out of four turns if you set his priorities right.

For each of these, you may have to experiment to dial in the strength of your guys vs the defense. Add or remove gear. I found that Apothecary vs Arbiter defenses works well but there's bound to be plenty of options. Go in and test and make sure you can win on manual (don't win the series). Then make sure you won't win on auto after a minute or two. Then you can walk away for a bit.

Clan Quest: Placing X number of debuffs on a boss

(thanks akd90) For the "place X debuff on Y boss Z times" use multiple champions that can place that debuff to get multiple debuff procs towards the quest.

Kinda strange, but I noticed the “place X debuff on Y boss for Z amount of times” seemed to be completing in fewer runs than I anticipated. Then I noticed I had two champs that placed X debuff. The game seems to recognize a place as two different instances even if it’s already applied if it’s coming from two different sources, such as two different champions. So for example, an easy way to complete the “place 100 decrease speed debuffs on the fire knight 100 times” elite quest is to use two or even three different champions that can apply decrease speed.

Q: that's very interesting, thank you, do you know if it also works by speeding up champions to put the debuff faster? or does Champion ZZZ's debuff has to finish before he can apply it again for points?

A: The debuff doesn’t have to expire from what I can tell.

Seems fixed amount - efficient way not possible:

  • 100 Block Revive on Ice Golem mobs ("Boss's minions") - I guess will always be 50 runs minimum. Lydia info (thanks korukyu): Lydia denies revive, it's a different mechanic and it doesn't count at all. Lots of people complaining in the discord bug reports.