Monday, June 27, 2022

RAID 4 day Hero's Path - Path of Light Efficiency and Resource Requirements Calculation

I share with you my analysis on the new event launched by Plarium / RAID called Hero's Path - Path of Light.

See the analysis below & my conclusions are:

  • Not really realistic to complete this Event. Free-to-play can probably forget about reaching top rewards unless willing to give up a lot of savings - not recommending that.
  • It seems designed to further milk players' resources, especially to further milk Whales, because many FTP will quit when they see they are not making any progress.
  • If you do run Dungeons, we currently have Ice Golem Tournament ongoing. Otherwise Spider will give you also higher silver income.
  • If you are still doing the Champ Training event - Normal is by far more efficient, but it is more of a headache for many players.

Other: thanks Reydien for Dungeon per Energy rates; Thanks Ayumilove, Bobo.

It is a large image, click to enlarge it if you cannot see it very well.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Doom Tower HARD Floor 116 (without Seer) with Basher and Geomancer

Here sharing especially for people who don't have Seer the team I used to beat the Doom Tower HARD Floor 116

This team is made from 2 parts:

  • The base 3 champions I always use - they are responsible for controlling the enemy: Lady Kimi, Scyl and Visix.
  • And 2 slots which I adapt as needed depending on Floor / enemy affinity.

For  Doom Tower HARD Floor 116 the 2 slots I assigned to:

  • Basher
  • Geomancer

Basher is actually a great champion especially for RAID players who don't have Warlord. He prioritizes speed and is responsible for putting all enemy skills on cooldown. This means that the enemy will only attack with A1s which are significantly less dangerous. He also puts some Block Buffs, but this is a secondary benefit.

Geomancer is a fantastic champion. I use him in many locations. He is also excellent in Doom Tower as a sniper. With him you are able to pick enemies and they will die from the damage reflects while having their TM reduced as well. My Geo is also in a Taunting set (due to Hydra) so he also dishes out AOE Provoke. And if needed he can also remove buffs from a specific target.

Picture 1: The victory screen

Picture 2: The Team stats

Picture 3: Everyone else in my clan was using Seer to beat this stage.

There is nothing wrong with using Seer. Just some RAID players don't have a Seer and this blog post gives an idea how to complete a difficult battle without Seer.

Friday, May 27, 2022

Dragon Stage 24 Speed Teams 1-2 minutes WITHOUT SEER and WITHOUT EXPLOSIONS

Please see below my "WITHOUT SEER" and "WITHOUT EXPLOSIONS" compilation of Speed Teams for Dragon S24 completed in 1-2 minutes.

As mentioned on the picture already, but to say it again, thanks to HellHades and his team for their work and data and support of RAID community.

This is a large picture, if it looks small on your screen click on it to enlarge. 

44.74 mil damage 215+ Turns on Hydra Hard - my team & Tips:

Following the recent changes by Plarium to Hydra in RAID many players have been able to achieve some kind of an improvement versus their previous results.

What were the changes?

  • HP, ATK and DEF decreased on all Hydra difficulties.
  • The countdown of the Mark of the Hydra was increased from 16 to 20 turns.
  • Up to and not including Nightmare it requires less damage to free Champions after Digestion.
  • It is now possible to Provoke the Head of Decay.
  • Chest rewards were boosted.

My 44.74 mil damage on Hydra Hard

After multiple attempts which took about 2 hours (yes, unfortunately the RNGesus is very much still alive in Hydra) I was able to achieve my record of 44.74 million damage in a battle that took 71 minutes and 37 seconds. So a massive waste of over 2 hours just for 1 key.

Let's start with the screenshots and I will add some explanatory text after that:

Picture 1) Time taken

This picture, taken at the end of the battle, is there to confirm the correct time taken because the game does not show time over 1 hour (see picture 2), it wrongly shows only 11 minutes. The real duration is 71 minutes and 37 seconds for 1 key.

Picture 2) Result screen: 44.74M Damage Dealt

Picture 3) Clan View which also shows equipped sets:

Picture 4) Team stats

Information / Tips:

I tried different combinations before this team.

One of the combinations which was interesting was having Visix as the lead position. The advantage of this was having a permanent Slow on all Hydra Heads 100% of the time and having a guaranteed Provoke on Head of Decay. Her 3 turn Provoke cooldown was ready right before the Head of Decay had a turn.

Against all those advantages the disadvantage was less damage output as the lead position is a critical position. And furthermore, the risk when Visix was eaten the team lost both the Provoke and the Slow benefits.

Depending on what champions you have I would still suggest you to try this combination - it might give a good result for you.

In another combination I used Seeker to constantly attack Head of Decay. The benefits are the Provoke is on the A1 (not guaranteed but many attacks = high chance, however Affinity also can go against depending on Rotation) + TM boost. Unfortunately, for me this did not work out well because my Seeker is build for my Clan Boss team and he has a lower speed and is more focused on damage rather than being able to survive and provoke. But it is certainly an option for others.

Another good option for Provoke is Husk, however my equipment is not good enough to allow him both high accuracy and high CDMG using one of the 3 sets to help him CD faster (Reflex, Relentless, Frenzy). I tried doing this by boosting Accuracy with Kimi but this did not work reliably.

I also tried changing other champions not related to Provoke such as using Lydia, Uugo, Doompriest, Dhukk, Umbral and even Skullcrusher, but I did not get a good result.    

Another tip is that I noticed that since the stats are a bit weaker now it was easier to quickly kill 1 Head and start gaining big damage hitting the Decapitated Hydra Head.

Another tip is to keep discipline and keep hitting the Head of Torment instead of the Decapitated Head with all supporting champions and only using the damage dealers for non-Torment attacks. This results in higher damage output then if everyone would focus on the Decapitated Head.

Another tip is not to use ATK down debuff if you are playing with Geomancer as your main damage dealer. This increases risks especially with Head of Wrath but this is what you need to dish out bigger damage. Head of Wrath should be controller carefully by blocking buffs preventing his ATK up or removing his buffs with Geomancer. Also should be fully controlled when he does his big attack by counting the hits and manually triggering his big attack only after you are ready to receive it (either with a DEF up or with a Shield or Strengthen and after healing). It is important that you have a way to counter his Provoke by cleansing so that you can control the hits.

And of course the important tip with my result, as you perhaps already saw, is to use 1 or 2 Provoke sets (Taunting set) to help Provoke the Head of Decay. In this case you can see I have used the Provoke set on my Geomancer which worked well most of the time, however there were several occasions where he failed to Provoke up to 5 times in a row, so do not expect 100% success this way, but it was certainly enough to help me achieve my record.

I have given multiple other tips in my previous Hydra posts, please also refer to those such as:

I hope you found this post interesting and useful. If you want other RAID players to benefit from my posts feel free to Like/Share my RAID Shadow Legends blog.

Calculation showing it is best to wait for Guaranteed Events vs Void x2 pulling

I prepared this easy table to show that it would be best to keep shards and not pull during the current x2 Void weekend event.

As noted, in the past Plarium never offered Void Legendary champions during Guaranteed Champion events. But this changed in April when they offered Riho Bonespear for 90 Void Shards. This means it might happen again.

Then it would be better to gather shards for that because that event would yield expected value of 1.4 legendary voids versus only 0.9 of the Void x2 event.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Saw this bizarre/amusing comment under a RAID video

I was watching different RAID videos and I saw this bizarre / amusing comment under a RAID video of Darth.

The player posted his story of being addicted and not able to quit so he was very happy when he got banned and sent a thank you to Plarium support. Following this he was unbanned... 

The 2nd commenter explains his opinion that this is because they want to squeeze the last penny out of the player.

Some thoughts to add: I believe most people don't want to waste time with 3rd party programs and don't want to cheat - it is Plarium who has created all the frustrations and has not presented solutions to their created problems. If they would solve the problems I believe people would not be interested at all to go to any 3rd party solution.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

My Assessment of RAID: (by Feature) Ranking after completing features 100+ times

I decided to prepare a score card ranking different RAID features by Enjoyment, Time Spent and Rewards - I share this with you here.

Naturally, this is my own subjective experience and time estimations and other players may have other experiences.

Please see the ranking below; if the picture is small on your screen click on it to enlarge. And feel free to share your own experience.


Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Bivald of the Thorn Fragment Event Schedule

Here below the schedule for Bivald of the Thorn Fragment fusion event as shared by Plarium:

  • Bivald of the Thorn
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Type: HP
  • Affinity: Spirit
  • Faction: Sacred Order

Click on the picture to enlarge.

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Hydra Hard 33 mil damage 150+ turns - Team Composition + Stats/Masteries Pictures + Explanations/Tips

In this RAID blog post I share with you my record to date on Hydra Hard reaching 33 million damage with over 150 turns battle.

Below you will find all the related screenshots and info from me. Content:

  1. Team composition
  2. Team & Damage pictures
  3. Champion stats & Equipment picture
  4. Applicable Hydra rotation / starting Heads 
  5. Role of Geomancer & Tips
  6. Role of Arbiter & Tips
  7. Role of Godseeker Aniri & Tips
  8. Role of Lady Kimi & Tips
  9. Role of Inquisitor Shamael & Tips
  10. Role of Mithrala Lifebane & Tips
  11. Masteries of all Champions

Team Composition:

The team I used was (below the pictures are full explanations):

  • Geomancer (team leader) - tanky lifesteal build
  • Arbiter - not dedicated to Hydra; Arena build, i.e. main focus to be fast to go first in Arena
  • Godseeker Aniri - not dedicated to Hydra; backup reviver / support built for beating Bommal
  • Lady Kimi - powerful speed control / sometimes (not often) blocks buffs
  • Inquisitor Shamael - not dedicated to Hydra; offensive build I use to snipe tough enemies in the Doom Tower
  • Mithrala - new champion for my account with zero books (waiting for CvC), unfinished masteries and not fully upgraded equipment.

Team & Damage Picture 1 of 2

Team & Damage Picture 2 of 2

Team Stats

Here you can see the summary of stats and equipment of each champion:

Hydra Rotation

The current rotation is (starting Hydra Heads):

  • Head of Decay (cleanses all debuffs on Hydra Heads)
  • Head of Torment (puts fear on you)
  • Head of Mischief (steals buffs)
  • Head of Wrath (massive damage dealer)

Role of Geomancer & Tips

He has several functions:

  • Main damage dealer. In this role he has to never die and keep putting HP Burn on all enemies except Torment. For this you need to build him as a tank and I found Lifesteal gear to be very effective in keeping him alive.
  • Team Protector: He protects the entire team every turn with his passive damage reduction. For this to be effective you need to put him in the correct position. I see sometimes players putting Geomancer in the middle of the team or at the end - this is wrong. He can only protect allies who come after him in the team position, therefore try to place him as the leader or at least in the 2nd position slot. This protection is significant, it is like having a 15% Strengthen buff at all times which cannot be removed.
  • Other:
    • Warmaster mastery is very important. It adds to his active damage as well as being critical in allowing Lifesteal gear to heal him fully.
    • Him important stats are SPD, HP, ACC. Players who have better equipment than mine can either boost his HP/DEF or boost RES - both of those will help him survive better.
    • I don't think SPD needs to be boosted too much as he is already supported by Shamael in this rotation.

Role of Arbiter & Tips

While the main role of the Arbiter is revive/boost she also has to do a couple of important things:

(my Arbiter is not built for Hydra; she would perform a lot better if she was. She is simply in my fastest SPD gear for Arena, which unfortunately is not fast enough)

  • Always attacking Torment no matter what is happening to keep boosting Team damage.
  • Cleanse buffs from enemies (my Arbiter is built for Arena with my best speed gear which is not that great so she does not have the required accuracy which is why mine fails to cleanse often, but it is still her role).
  • If the battle allows it exceptionally change from attacking Torment to try to place Weaken on decapitated Hydra Head(s).

Role of Godseeker Aniri & Tips

  • She is the backup reviver especially for when Arbiter gets eaten.
  • Tip: her revive should not be used most of the time. Let Arbiter do the job and keep it ready for emergencies.
  • Tip: Her revive also resets skills and this may be needed for Shamael to do his big attack, die and then revive and do big attack again.
  • Her heal supports but is not critical to the Team. 
  • Tip: she should also attack Torment in most cases to support Team Damage.

I think of her as a more "background" champion I don't pay much attention to but who supports the Team to do the job.

Role of Lady Kimi & Tips

Her role is to boost the Team while slowing down the enemy and sometimes put block buffs. She should be used smartly:

  • Tip: Don't just use all her skills as they become available. 
  • The AOE Slow is used most often but even this you should only use if the Hydra Heads debuff has expired or will expire in 1 turn. So sometimes you don't need to use this skill even if it becomes available and use it 1 or 2 turns later as needed.
  • The AOE Boost, on the other hand is much more tactical:
    • I almost never use it.
    • I observed that Mischief waits for you to use it before he steals buffs. It's like he knows about it (maybe they programmed AI like that).
    • When I don't use it Mischief steals buffs a lot less.
    • If Mischief steals only 1 buff then I will use it to boost the team and block buff on Mischief.
    • If Mischief steals more than 1 buff I will not use it. I will wait for him to spread it to his friends and then I will block buff on all. But this happens very rarely as I explained above.

Role of Inquisitor Shamael & Tips

Shamel has 1 or 2 roles depending on your choice.

Many Shamaels I know are built more tanky and with Toxic gear and therefore they have only 1 role. I did not like that so my Shamael is built as a damage dealer (sniper) with Giant Slayer instead of Warmaster.

My Shamael is not dedicated to Hydra; I built him actually for Doom Tower and I just use him in that build for Hydra as well.

  • His main role is to remove the Fear cast by Head of Torment and boosting the Team Leader. Although his skill says he should boost the whole Team there is a mistake in the game so he only boosts the Leader.
  • This boost supports the main damage dealer (Geomancer) to place more HP Burns.
  • His second role is being the secondary damage dealer and rescuing allies eaten by the Hydra.
  • His A1 can either go for damage or boosting. I usually use it for boosting (i.e. Torment).
  • His primary A2 target is Head of Decay. That is the worst Hydra Head in the game and is the one you want to kill first. However, if a champion is eaten then Shamael has to redirect to rescue operation.
  • When there is a decapitated Head then there is a difficult decision to be made. With 4 buffs my Shamael can do 200k x 3 = 600k damage to Hydra, but this takes damage away from killing other Hydra Heads. So depending on how the battle is going a different decision needs to be made. For example if Head of Wrath is in his "angry mode" it is probably best to attack him as during that time his counter will not rise. Or if Decay is near to death it is best to take it out and not let it cleanse all the debuffs, etc.

Role of Mithrala Lifebane & Tips

Many people have been getting Mithrala lately since everyone started doing Hydra at the same time and after collecting her fragments everyone is summoning her at similar time too.

Mine has no books at all. I will wait for the next CvC to use books (Wait Shadow Legends), so I think I could have performed even better than I did.

Mithralas roles, how I used her / tips:

  • Her main role is supporting the Team but this is then broken into 3 roles:
  • Role 1: With her A1 she copies Arbiter in only attacking Torment no matter if this is needed or not. We are trying to support Team Damage as much as possible.
  • Role 2: Cleanse and protect (her A3). Since she is unbooked I tried to keep this skill for emergencies only as I know it would take a long time until it is ready again. What I define as emergency in this case is (A) if the team is under full stacks of poison + either lower health or other debuffs too (B) when the team is low on health and Arbiter's heal has already been used and/or Wrath is about to hit hard.
  • Role 3: Hex and ATK/DEF buffs (her A2). This is broken down into 2 sub-roles:
  • (A) if there is no danger or if Mischief has eaten someone: then if I want to target / kill Head of Mischief I will use the Hex allowing everyone in the team to attack Mischief without the random redirection.
  • (B) if there is danger: by this I mostly mean Head of Wrath counter is coming to 15 for his big attack. In this case I will use this skill to get the DEF buff allowing me to take much less damage (remember I don't have any ATK down on this team).

So despite her having 5 turn cooldowns without books I did not always use her skills as soon as they were available.

Tip: You can also time Godseeker's buff extension with Mithrala's skills to get more use out of them.


Also to share the masteries:

I hope you found this post interesting and useful. If you want other RAID players to benefit from my posts feel free to Like/Share my RAID Shadow Legends blog.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Gaius the Gleeful Fragment Event Schedule

Here below the schedule for Gaius the Gleeful Fragment fusion event as shared by Plarium:

  • Gaius the Gleeful
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Type: ATK
  • Affinity: Magic
  • Faction: Knights Revenant

Click on the picture to enlarge.

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Victory vs. 120 Hard Dark Fae without Turn Meter control

In this short blog post I want to share the strategy and my victory in the Doom Tower Rotation 3 Hard 120 Dark Fae (my first time victory all 3 DT rotations).

Until Hard 120 I always killed all Dark Fae bosses with my Turn Meter control team (I don't have Alure) where I used:

  • Armiger as my main TM reducer
  • Kimi for speed buffs / debuffs
  • Scyl for support
  • Any champion with ATK/DEF down (mine was Dhukk)
  • And Ninja for damage

However, for Hard 120 this did not work. Armiger was simply not enough - I needed Alure very much which I never pulled in years.

So I tried to take a different approach trying out various champion combinations with lots of fails until the below full damage and healing combination.

I believe also the stats of my champions are on the Low / Mediocre side (stats picture below) so many RAID players should be able to achieve them and probably be even stronger.

  • Ninja main damage dealer
  • Hurndig secondary damage dealer
  • Kimi, as before, for speed buffs / debuffs
  • And then 2 protectors / healers / revivers - mine were Raglin and Wythir. Basically you need the ability to revive and heal up the team. If you can put DEF up buff or Strengthen or Shields even better. Just 2 slots for protectors who will keep the damage dealers alive and kicking.

Picture 1: Victory

Picture 2: Stats

Picture 3: Reference, Top teams

(it's a large picture, click to enlarge)

Wishing all the best to other RAID Shadow Legends players who are trying to beat the Doom Tower as well.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Victory vs. Bommal Hard 90 (no cheese) with relatively Mediocre stats + Guide/Tips

Bommal is a very nasty obstacle for any RAID player and a big obstacle for me was to beat Bommal Hard 90 which I managed to do = a big achievement for my account. In this blog post I share the team I used as well as various tips / learnings from the many battles and teams I tried.


First it is important you choose which strategy you will use against Bommal.

  • Majority use the various cheese strategies out of scope for this blog post. For me that's perfectly fine, I just wanted to win without it as a challenge to myself.
  • Most non-cheese players I saw have been using the high RESIST team.
  • While some others have used various no-RES teams which is what I did.

Among the non-RES there are also variations:

  • Full heal/revive team - very slow battle.
  • 1-3 Vogoths / 0-1 Master Butcher which also has a number of sub-variations:
  • Force-creating bombs via TM reduction to have a max team heal.
  • Using Vogoths / MB to heal the rest and using the rest to heal them back.

Then there are variations which use 1 damage dealer - only specific champions are possible:

  • Geomancer (most popular choice) due to his passive damage reduction and massive damage
  • Vizier due to his Block Buffs + Drop ATK + increase debuff durations
  • Astralith due to irresistible bombs and boosting team TM with A1 
  • etc.

My strategy was NO RESIST with Geomancer.

Absolutely critical champions

Unfortunately there are specific required champions to win with any strategy and those players who were unlucky and didn't get those champions will have to keep waiting and pulling until they do. In that respect this boss is more about luck / spenders / high gear requirements than actual strategy.

Dutchess is probably the most powerful champion for this boss due to her damage reduction, tankyness and full team revive. Unfortunately I don't have her.

Critical champions in my team (= not possible to replace):

  • Godseeker Aniri
  • Vogoth
  • Doompriest
  • lastly Geomancer was critical to win, but he could be replaced by another specific-to-Bommal damage dealer.

The last slot would ideally be Dutchess. Otherwise your best reviver who can res ideally more than 1 champion per go. I did not have any of that so I used my Raglin which is a very specific champion, but not ideal for Bommal. The heal is too slow - cannot rely on it - his main use was the fast revive of 1 ally.

My Victory Picture:

My Team / Champion stats - relatively Mediocre:

  • Raglin - no special sets - Regeneration would be ideal; or Frenzy or Stalwart perhaps.
  • Godseeker - Regeneration / Immortal
  • Geomancer - Lifesteal - as mentioned on the picture he was not built for Bommal.
  • Vogoth - Guardian set - not for the healing as his speed is low but to reduce damage on others.
  • Doompriest - no special sets - Frenzy would be ideal; or Regeneration or Stalwart perhaps.

Bommal has 250 speed - ideally you want to be faster than him, but my gear did not allow that, so I did the best with what I had.

I think Doompriest is the most important for speed which is why I mentioned that Frenzy gear might be best for her, because it is very important she cleans off the Stuns and HP Burns as fast as possible. That is her main contribution - not the passive healing (which does help).

Many tips and Learnings

  • I have tried many other champions and team combinations with many fails before I won.
  • I also have a 2nd Vogoth and I tried to win a lot with 2 Vogoths but I did not manage, so I dropped 1 which I was sure will not work but it did, so the learning here is try many things even those you don't think might succeed.
  • I tried Arbiter but failed miserably although I thought she would be amazing with full team revive, team boost and being the fastest champion for most players. It was a horrible fail because her buffs brought more bombs which ended up killing everyone while she did not help heal or damage at all.
  • I tried Visix to bring more bombs (bomb healing strategy) but I needed a 3rd healer for that and I don't have the 3rd Vogoth and I did not develop my Master Butcher, so that failed simply because I was not well prepared, but it is a viable strategy.
  • I tried Wythir who I built very strong and she did help extremely well with her A3 healing but her DEF up buff was actually making things worse by Bommal converting it to bombs and her passive Heal buffs just made more bombs. So what happens is that you look like your team is perfect and then suddenly everything goes wrong.
  • I tried Lady Kimi as lead which I was sure would work well by boosting everyone's speed. And I tried her both by using skills and not using skills. None of it worked because her A1 also creates problems (more bombs). I also tried killing her off and going on with 4 which have higher speed from her, but 4 were just not enough.
  • I tried my strong/tough Regeneration Scyl and sometimes she was indeed the last one alive, but mostly her Affinity just fails her on Hard 90. She did manage all lower Bommals though.
  • I tried both Rector and also combination of Rector with Tatura. For me this failed, but this will succeed on the high resist strategy. Without RES Bommal just ends up converting everything to bombs sooner or later and the team dies.
  • Demytha was excellent on all lower Bommals but failed on 90. Her ability to Block Damage at very critical points makes you laugh at Bommal when he does nothing with millions of bombs blowing up on your team, but she bites you at the same time as she puts the Heal Buffs which get converted into bombs so you just die later. If there was a way to cleanse your own buffs that would be great.
  • Urogrim actually did good as lead. I got extra speed and his target heal was very helpful especially on Vogoth. If you use his team heal you will die. But ultimate no matter how many tries I attempted the team did not manage.
  • Jareg was also interesting. It seems first he would be excellent for this boss because you drop HP tons of times creating many Heal Buffs, but unfortunately sooner or later Bommal catches you with many Heals and converts them into bombs and you die.
  • Lastly, Apothecary I also tried both with casting Speed and without. There are successful teams which can beat Bommal with Apo but mine did not. For me he did worse than Urogrim as I didn't get any leader benefit.

I had 2 more plans if I failed.

  • I was planning to re-gear my Aox to high Accuracy and high HP with 251 speed so that he keeps ATK down on the boss permanently. Although he would get bombs they would be weaker with the ATK down debuff and the rest of my healers should manage. As I won I did not invest in this anymore so I will never know if it would work or not. 
  • I was planning to re-gear my Rector from high resist to Frenzy set high Accuracy high HP so that she constantly puts ATK down on Bommal and heals/revives at specific times but ideally only for emergencies. This was 2nd after Aox because I was not sure Rector could keep the ATK down at all times since it is chance based.
  • Lastly I would ideally try my Vizier but he is only 5 star and has no books and it would cost me a lot to both book him fully (absolutely needed) and bring him up to 6 star.

TIP: Keep in mind

When building your champions for Bommal I suggest you target them (especially revivers) to have sufficient health to remain alive after 2 Bommal bombs (not the exploding ones). Sacrifice defense or other stats if you have to. If your reviver dies it's game over.

Bommal should be nerfed

While now I know I can win Bommal is totally unbalanced and does not compare to equal level bosses from other rotations. He should definitely be nerfed to be more in line with all Doom Tower rotations.

Other: Reference: Top 20 Best Teams

In case someone does not have access, here are the Top 20 winners at present for Bommal Hard 90:

(click to zoom it - it is a big picture)

You will notice many of the same champions as Bommal is very specific to what champions you must have. But bear in mind that Top players are usually strong spenders and have amazing gear so most of the time it does not help to look at their strategies as they simply are not possible for 99% of the players.

I hope my blog post was interesting and useful to you as I like to not only publish my RAID achievement but also help other RAID players.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Do’s and Don’ts by Plarium and for Plarium

In this blog post I share with you the Do’s and Don’ts communicated by Plarium and the Do’s and Don’ts I created for Plarium.

Do’s and Don’ts for Plarium

Do’s and Don’ts by Plarium





Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Short calculation with and without x2 for 15 Sacred Shards during Guaranteed event

In this short blog post I share with you my calculation checking what is the difference between pulling shards during x2 event or outside of it during our ongoing Guaranteed champion event.

The guaranteed champion is Wythir which is a very good champion. Here is the champion link to Ayumilove (Wythir the Crowned link #1) and HellHades (Wythir the Crowned link #2).

You can see from my calculation below:

  • Pulling now is a clear winner I believe:
  • While the number of expected Epics and Legos is similar,
  • the Guaranteed champion is a very good champion. The x2 would give a random Lego which could be a good one but also could be a terrible one.

Monday, February 14, 2022

If you were unlucky and have no Epic Dupe Dwarves you can use Fylja

This is just a short blog post to remind that if you have been unlucky and have not managed to collect any Epic Dwarves in your Faction Guardians (like my account in the below picture), and, if you are not going for the fusion for whatever reason, then try to still go for at least 2 of Fylja to push forward your Faction Guardians.

Getting 2 is relatively easy since you can just pick 2 out of 4 events that you prefer. I will do the Champion Training, Artifact Upgrades, Arena and probably Fire Knight. Those are enough to get 2 of each of the Rares to fuse 2 x Fylja for the Faction Guardians.